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(In progress) Things I LOVE as a Private Practice Music Therapist

***Please bear with me as I update this list with links and pictures! This list is ever changing and sometimes it takes longer than expected!***

Here is a list of things I use as a private practice music therapist! List is alphabetized and does not reflect how much I love something! Some of these are affiliate links, where I may receive a small commission if you purchase through the link provided.

  1. Car Caddy

  2. Car Fresheners

  3. Headphones

  4. Ikea Boxes/Bins

  5. iPad Case & Pen

  6. Laminator

  7. Lunchbox

  8. Owala Water Bottle

  9. Planner

  10. Singable Books

  11. These Tambourines

  12. Visual Timers

  13. Zipper pouches

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