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Books for Music Therapists

These books come recommended from other music therapists over time via Facebook, word of mouth, or from my own reading. As with any resource, some may contain outdated language and/or beliefs. The views in these books do not necessarily represent the views of Texas Music Therapy Services, LLC or its therapists. These books are not all "music therapy" texts and feature a range of books and resources written from lived experiences as well as clinical perspectives and fictional novels. This list is not complete and is an ongoing project! I have not read every single book on this list and have just compiled the list of books as a list for myself and have shared for others who have asked. Some of these books may be subject of controversies. Some of the links to the books may be affiliate links.

This list is periodically updated with new recommendations. If you have books you would like to be added to the list, please send me a message with the title, author, and what the book is about.

If you believe a book should be removed from this list for any reason, please send me a message.

Recommended Books
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