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Black Lives Matter. Always.

Black Lives Matter. Such a simple statement that has caused so much controversy. At Texas Music Therapy Services, the statement “Black Lives Matter” is not controversial.

We stand up to, and are against the injustices experienced by Black and BIPOC individuals in America. Now and always.

Our POC contractors have experienced racism first hand, not only from people in their everyday lives, but in their sessions. From clients. From administrators. From professionals. It is unacceptable. We do not stand for it.

We are committed to continue to learn how to be actively anti-racist. We are still learning, and are eager to learn. Please help us to learn. Challenge our work. Challenge our words. Keep us honest.

We are committed to continually learning how to not only stand against racism, institutional injustice, and an oppressive system, but to lifting up the voices of Black individuals.

Do not commend us for making this post. This is the bare minimum. We promise to continue to work and learn not only as individuals, but as an organization, and as therapists.

If this post in any way makes you feel uncomfortable, we ask you to sit in that feeling. Examine yourself. We challenge you to use this to help examine your implicit bias. Awareness is the first step. Be better. Stand against injustice. Stand against oppression. Stand up for BIPOC.

Black Lives Matter. Always.

Katelyn Blankenburg, MT-BC

Owner and Clinical Director of Texas Music Therapy Services

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