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Floor Guitar Hero!

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Ever want a musical activity for the whole family that everyone can enjoy? Try this with your kids of all ages!

I was scrolling through tiktok, and saw this amazing idea from a music teacher online (@1stgrademaestra and @kelseydimock) All you need are some wooden spoons, or regular spoons, or hands: just something to drum with, construction paper and YouTube! (I used cut up pool noodles from the dollar store.)

First make sure you have these colors of construction paper, or tape, or paper plate- really anything that can be used as a drumming surface that won't make too much noise ;). The "Easy Levels" generally only use Green, Red, and Yellow.

If you want to print out a drumming surface, you can do that here:

Guitar Hero Lead Guitar
Download PDF • 9KB

Next, head to YouTube! I use this playlist: (with expert level guitar playing)

but you can use almost any that come up when you search "Easy Guitar Hero 100%" or "Easy Rock Band 100%"

*****Need it to be a challenge? Easy a little TOO easy? Put Medium, Hard or Expert in your search and try to play along!******

Arrange your papers/drumming pads in the order that is on the screen, or spread them out and have those kids reaching and using their feet to drum as well! Some ideas to make it a little more interesting:

  • Who can drum with only their feet?

  • One handed drumming

  • Team drumming! each person gets two colors, and maybe they overlap!

  • Who can fit a dance move into their drumming?

  • Drumming idol! who gives the best performance while drumming?

  • Think of something else that your family loved? send us a message so we can add it to the list!

We would love to see you trying this with your young ones, and old ones! Tag us on instagram @TexasMusicTherapyServices or on Facebook @ Texas Music Therapy Services, LLC or send it to us in a video to

Want more music ideas for the family?

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